American Health Benefits System Guide for Companies

European companies looking to attract employees in America should be aware that the benefits package you offer and the way you deliver health care might be different. For European companies looking to hire employees in America, the thinking has often been: 'provide a competitive benefits package wit...

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Top Countries for Maternity Leave

Different countries have different regulations but all have some form of paid maternity leave. Below are the top countries for maternity leave in no particular order.



In Norway, mothers are entitled to up to 59 weeks of paid maternity leave which is calculated based on the average of thei...

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Happy Birthday! How a Data Protection Breach Could Ruin Your Day

This article addresses the following questions: When you wish an employee a happy birthday, does it breach data protection rules? And if so, what can you do to avoid a breach?


All our lives, we celebrate other’s birthday with the best of wishes. Birthday cards are sent, flowers are sent t...

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