By outsourcing their HR needs, organisations are able to reduce labor-related costs, focus on core competencies and generate revenue. What do our benefits mean for you? Have the best talent in the industry making your company better. No annoying turnover, and employees that are more motivated. 

Our process has been proven to increase engagement, morale, loyalty, and retention by up to five points. That’s good news for you since the average company only increases morale by two points for hard-earned money. We want to make your life easier and your days more comfortable. So we developed a new HR system that also happens to offer robust and convenient self-service options and improved accuracy. It’s got everything you need to stay on top of employee details – and you can ask our HR experts questions during business hours without having to leave your desk or schedule downtime for a meeting.

While you always maintain control (you never stop being the one who actually owns the relationship), we will be handling administrative and regulatory issues like payroll taxes. So you have your own (limited) direct relationship with your employees. 

But wait a minute?! Wouldn’t your employees prefer in-house options? Wouldn’t they rather just stop by your HR-desk to take care of an issue, rather than having to contact us? Not necessarily! Often, your employees might hear “I’ll have to get back to you on that,” and then take days (or longer) to do so. What your employees often don’t expect from us is the high-touch service that can provide immediate answers even to highly personal and complex questions. That’s the benefit of having access to our local experts who deal with these kinds of inquiries all day, every day, everywhere, across many clients.

Our Key Solutions

For Employers

Whether it's hiring permanent or non-permanent staff, We've GOT you covered.

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For Contractors

GOT has the options that will always suit your circumstances as a Contractor.

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For Special Ops

Whether you need to organise a virtual, hybrid or onsite event, GOT can cater to your needs.

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