Putting a Whole Global Team on a Full-Service Payroll

Your clients identify international candidates they want to hire. Do they look to you for guidance? Make it possible for them to onboard anyone, anywhere with a comprehensive global hiring solution. We take on HR, finance, tax, and legal matters so they can expand their team around the world – quickly and compliantly. Our local legal entities to be used for your clients have already been incorporated. Having accounting records of all these entities globally in good shape in a timely manner is a major part of our mission. Always being locally compliant for all statutory filings and payments. Using accounting automated processes to support time and cost efficiency. 

GOT has created a team of professionals who will provide this top-class service, and we employed local teams to provide ACC, PAY and TAX services as well. We offer you the option to conveniently align your payroll strategy with our in-house team of HR-consultants on matters that are key to the success of your clients. That's why before we knew it, we left the ground over three decades ago, and we have been successfully helping payroll providers ever since. 

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