Our Special Operations division comprises a broad array of dedicated custom-made services always tailored to your specific needs.  Whether it's about short- or longterm projects (in- and outsourcing alike), events, technology product lifecycle support, or anti-fraud investigations, we GOT you covered. 

GOT Project & Event Management 

Full-service solutions via our Project & Event Management division.

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GOT Technology 

Full-service solutions specifically for non-industrial robotics spanning from development, distribution to after sales via our Technology division. The opportunity of robotics (deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing) is disruptive in activities that involve repititive work from logistics to surgery, to cooking cuisine.

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Fraud Examination

Special Operations employs subject matter experts that can carry out so called 'fraud examination'. Either as stand-alone service or as part of larger compliance projects. Always adhering to the best practices as defined by ACFE, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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Our Key Solutions

For Employers

Whether it's hiring permanent or non-permanent staff, We've GOT you covered.

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For Employees

Have the best talent in the industry making your company better, we GOT it.
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For Contractors

GOT has the options that will always suit your circumstances as a Contractor.

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We GOT your back

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