Contemporary full-service solutions for not only the (industrial) AI-industry but also software companies. Spanning the client's whole product/service life cycle if needed. Onsite or remote development, introduction (sales, distribution, maintenance and/or support), growth (more products/services, sales and marketshare, etc.) or even setting up (and also staffing of) your shared services HUB in EMEA, AMERICAS or APAC via our Technology division.

Due to the private nature of this type of business activities, we are in most cases not in the position to publicly elaborate further on what our active involvement has entailed or could/would potentially look like. These activities always depend on our actual client, their project, urgency level and budget available. We can assure you though that this part of GOT typically sits in that part of our broad entrepreneurial scope where ‘no’ and ‘not possible’ do not really exist. This is where our growth mindset truly excels to accommodate and facilitate our clients to the very best of our abilities. BTW, the fact that we are in over 60 countries globally with our own legal entities and our own qualified local staff turns using our ‘Special Operations’ into a no-brainer.  

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