Introduction for our Partners

We GOT history. Most of your peers - renowned corporate lawyers, accountants, recruiters, HR- and other business professionals - were happily referred to us already many years ago to satisfy the rapidly changing needs of their most precious clients. Working in close collaboration with us has not only been, every time, a very pleasurable experience but also faster, easier, more reliable and also cost-effective for their clients. 

Once you have become one of our accredited partners, you won't have to worry anymore about the how-to because we take care of everything for you. We help companies figure out how to get the right people to work for them, where and when. We will be providing you with our topnotch employment solutions, outsourcing services, and many more, like organizing a sparring session with one of our in-house lawyers, accountants or HR-specialists. 
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HR Services

Full-Service Global Solutions for Onboarding Global Talent.

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Law Firms

Providing Full-Service Employment and Outsourcing Solutions with Global Legal Compliance for your Clients.

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Accountancy Firms

Providing Full-Service Financial Solutions with Global Tax Compliance.

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Recruitment Firms

Offering a Complete Global Hiring Solution. 

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Payroll Providers

Putting a Whole Global Team on a Full-Service Payroll.

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Private Equity & Venture Capitalists

Accelerating Value Creation for your Portfolio.

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