Many organizations will struggle to find skilled professionals from the small talent pools they have access to. With GOT, you can use our tailored immigration services to get a hand-picked team of experts when you need them in over 60 countries, we GOT your back. They’re constantly monitored and updated so that you’ll be working with leading candidates, no matter what their needs are.


The lack of staff can be attributed to a number of reasons. The talent pool may not be large enough or the company may be growing faster than it could hire new employees. 

We are all committed to give you the very best.  Each of us at GOT is professional, qualified and experienced, that's why we can provide the quality of global coverage you would expect. GOT prides itself on the quality and drive of its people, and we invest heavily in supporting them to maintain being subject matter experts and leaders in their field.

Our experts help you to oversee and administrate employee benefits, retirement and savings plans for multinational employers, individuals and their professional advisors. We have a global approach that is unique. We've developed a solution that caters to your strategic goals and objectives without being restricted to just one jurisdiction. When you are upgrading your systems, we have the right structure for your business, a cutting-edge technology platform, creative minds & multi-jurisdictional expertise to get results at any stage.

GOT understands the complexity of immigration and relocation on a global scale, that is why we are committed to helping our clients and their staff abroad. 

Other Outsourcing Offerings

Payroll & 

With our Payroll services we offer you complete support throughout the employees’ lifecycle.

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Accounting & Reporting

GOT meets and many times exceeds increasingly strict corporate reporting requirements for you.
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Corporate Secretarial & Legal Admin.

GOT International offers you company formation in all major jurisdictions, together with comprehensive support.

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